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Here you discover that writing is a lot easier than you always thought. You’ll find out that no one writes like you. That language is like clay: you can do with it whatever you like. Once you figure this out, you always have fun, and so does your reader – whether you’re writing an email, a blog or a why. Whether you’re a primary school kid, a marketer or a CEO.

Mariela Debrichy, Account Director YoungCapital

‘The yoopie academy has made my life a lot easier. When I stay close to myself, my emails get better and more surprising and I work a lot more quickly.’

Write what you mean

The basis

In ‘Write what you mean’ you can read everything about the yoopie method. Once you have this down pat, you can use it to get every message you need to on paper, whether it’s an evaluation, an attention-desire-action note or a love letter. Want a preview? Read the first 27 pages here. Haven’t got time to read? Order it right away.

Kitty de Jong, Business Consultant bno

‘Useful, meaningful method. No jargon or mystifying terms, just an intelligent technique and a simple step-by-step plan with which you can get to work immediately.’

A yoopie inspiration session

Trigger your team. Or your entire organisation

Trigger your people with a yoopie inspiration session, for 25 or 250 participants. About individual style. About A-I-D-A. About how thinking in threes helps you to make a bigger impact. During an off-site, an event or just a regular day at the office. Surprising and insanely interactive, so in the end you’ll have as many yoopies as participants. Wow.

Lysbeth van Silfhout,

‘I didn’t realise that you could work on personal development through a writing workshop.’

Not just any training. Yoopie training!

Discover how you write best.

In a yoopie training session you learn that no one writes like you. You learn how you best start writing. You discover that words are pictures. How framing works. And of course: how you can write a clear message in three steps. You gain self-confidence, a truly own voice and impact. And you save time. How about it?

Bob de Jong, Sales Manager Motion10

‘In the three training sessions from the yoopie academy I learned how my character traits influence the way I write.’

A yoopie writing guide. The best start

Based on the yoopie method

Do as YoungCapital, XS4ALL and The European Parliament did and order a customised writing guide with starting principles, dos and don’ts, and most of all: a super simple how-to-write section. Always have a first version ready within 15 minutes, whether you are writing an email, a DM or a web text. Even better: combine your writing guide with a yoopie training session.

Esther Teunissen, branding for purpose driven companies

‘My heart on paper, with a clear route as guideline. Do away with the static: ask yourself the right question, write a fiveliner.’

The yoopie academy’s clients

Your name in the list? Everything’s possible

Amsterdam University College, The Design Academy Eindhoven, EdenSpiekermann International, The European Parliament, Grant Thornton, Kessels & Smit, Koeweiden Postma, KPMG, KPN, Motion10, The Schiphol Group, Telfort, XS4ALL, YoungCapital, Willem de Kooning Academie.

Alewijn Berckenkamp, HKU student

‘Everything’s allowed. Can’t doesn’t exist. Is it about being distinguishable from the crowd? Just be yourself. Then you distinguish yourself automatically.’

Everything you want to know

Want to know more?

Are you interested in finding out what the yoopie academy could do for you or your organisation? Email Claire for an introductory chat. Want to read more about the yoopie academy? Read more about founder Joep Luycx here. The yoopie academy is located in Amsterdam. And finally: General Terms and Conditions.

Ida, De Vallei 8th grade

‘I learned how to spell ‘miniscule’ and that you can turn anything into a story. I am very motivated now!’

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And your book(s) plus invoice will land on your doormat within seven working days of ordering. Good to know: one copy of ‘Write what you mean’ costs € 17.50. Postage and packaging up to 7 books costs € 9.00. Postage and packaging for 8 – 20 books: € 20.00. Postage and packaging for 21 books and upwards is free. Why? Don’t ask. Go for it!