Write to get ahead.

Ready for the next step?

Find out there’s only one person who looks at the world the way you do. You. Master three crackling-effective techniques to find out what you want. What you have to say. What you dream of. Discover how you tell your story with great ease and impact, to make a connection. A next step. Is it that simple? Yep, it’s that simple.

‘Meaningful method. No jargon. Intelligent techniques. A simple step-by-step plan to get going immediately.’

Kitty de Jong, Business developer – BnO

The best way to start.

Take fifteen minutes…

… to find out how you write a clear story, step by step. Three five line-paragraphs, three headings, a title and a final sentence, that’s all you need. Everyone can do that, so you can do it too.

Download the first 27 pages here. No time to read now? Do as a few thousand enthousiasts did before you: order here and read later.

‘If everything you write is good, you write things you wouldn’t write otherwise.’

Mirjam Berkhout, director of primary school De Zilvermeeuw

A yoopie inspiration session.

From inspiration to action.

Would you like to help the participants in your event to turn their inspiration into action? Book a yoopie inspiration session. With a writing board, a pen and a few post-it notes you effortlessly write three clear actions to start with tomorrow. The yoopie inspiration session is also available as a kick-off for an in-company program.

‘He s still there, my improver gnome, but I have talked to him and we agreed that he keeps his mouth shut more often.’

Peter Folkertsma, Account manager – YoungCapital

The teamwork makes the dream work.

Move up your organization.

Do you want to learn how to e-mail more effectively or blog more infectiously? Do you want to dramatically increase the writing skills of your employees? Or do you just want to write more easily in much less time? Let us know, and together we will design an approach that perfectly fits your organization.

‘The effect of 12 weeks of blogging: 150 new leads and 40% more visitors on the site.’

Bob van der Steen, Partner Grant Thornton

A yoopie writing guide. The best start.

Based on the yoopie method

Do as YoungCapital, XS4ALL and The European Parliament did and order a customised writing guide with a super simple how-to-write section. Always have a first version ready within 15 minutes, whether you are writing an email, a DM or a web text. Even better: combine your writing guide with a series of yoopie training sessions.

‘Since the yoopie training I know that writing is much easier if you write like you think.’

Mara Spruyt, organization consultant at Kessels & Smit

Everything you want to know.

Want to know more?

Are you interested in finding out what the yoopie academy could do for you or your organisation? Email Claire for an introductory chat. Want to read more about the yoopie academy? Read more about founder Joep Luycx here. The yoopie academy is located in Amsterdam. And finally: General Terms and Conditions.

The yoopie academy works with:

XS4ALL, YoungCapital and KPMG. The National Police Financial Intelligence Unit, Hiil and The European Parliament. Design agencies KoeweidenPostma, Dietwee en edenspiekermann. Amsterdam University College, The Design Academy and the University of Maastricht.

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And your book(s) plus invoice will land on your doormat within seven working days of ordering. Good to know: one copy of ‘Write what you mean’ costs € 17.50. Postage and packaging up to 7 books costs € 9.00. Postage and packaging for 8 – 20 books: € 20.00. Postage and packaging for 21 books and upwards is free. Why? Don’t ask. Go for it!